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Standing proud: Miami developers race to erect city’s tallest tower.

Developer Gil Dezer won’t stop until he’s on the top.

“We keep asking the FAA for taller, and the request keeps getting granted,’’ said Dezer, whose company is the largest landowner of oceanfront property in South Florida, with condo sales of more than $4 billion in the state.

Dezer is talking about two of his projects, both branded by automakers: Porsche Design Tower Miami at 649 feet, and the Bentley Residences Tower, which when completed, will rise 749 feet. That will make Bentley the tallest residential building on the US coastline.


Bentley Residences Apply Automotive Touches To Luxury Condominiums

Bentley Residences Miami is the new “billionaire bunker” launching in the heart of Sunny Isles in Miami. Amenities include a state-of-the-art kitchen that disappears at the touch of a button, a private pool as a standard amenity on every floor of every condo unit, and single-touch sliding glass doors that eliminate the need for pushing and pulling.

But a lot of Bentley Residences’ Miami’s innovations stem from the fact that it’s a project being built by Bentley, one of the most luxurious car brands in the world.

The New York Times

The Latest Cool Amenity? A Name Brand. How About Porsche?

The market for branded luxury condos is growing, and now includes fashion houses and luxury carmakers, especially in Miami. In some buildings, a car elevator will lift you to your own parking spot.

CNN Style

Underfloor heating, custom lighting, $385,000 TVs: How the super-rich store their supercars

Gil Dezer has a commanding view from his four-floor penthouse at the top of his 60-story residential tower in Miami. But the billionaire property developer is not that interested in looking out across the beach towards the Bahamas. He prefers to gaze through his large internal windows at 11 of his favorite cars.

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